Contact Information

Live Support Hours:

Weekdays: 8AM - 5PM*

Weekends: 9AM - 1PM*

*Pacific Standard Time

Phone calls and messages sent outside these hours may still be answered live but if not we will respond as soon as someone is available.


Corporate Address:

1376 W. Center St
Orem, UT 84003

Address for Returns:

Please send us an email to and we will respond with the with the address to return the product to. Email is much easier than calling us since we can verify your order with your order number or email then respond with the instructions rather than trying to say them over the phone.

*We will never send products to you after your initial order unless you contact us to order more yourself. We do not partake in these deceptive "autobilling" or "autobilling" programs so you can rest easy knowing you do not need to contact us to request a cancellation of future orders or subscriptions since we do not do that anyway.

Phone Number: (801) 900-3481