After listening to your voicemail and information we can confirm that you did not order anything from us.

We get over 100 calls a day from people mistaking us for another company that they ordered from. There are over 30 companies with their own brand of this extract and often times people look for the company they ordered from by looking in search engines and our website comes up that way when they are looking for another company that is not ours.

Also to clarify, we do not engage in any deceiving practices such as "auto billing" or "free trials" that are billed later without the customer's knowledge.  Our customers are only charged one time when they place the order for the product and that is it.

Unless the charge on your statement says you were charged by "Diet Dr" or "Easy Fit Labs" then we were not the company that you ordered the product from.

In order to find and contact the company that charged you, we suggest you try any of the following:

  • Look at the order confirmation email you received when you placed your order, and look at the website or company it was sent from that appears in the address (not the name but the actual email address).
  • Look on the bottle you were sent to see if there is contact info or a website listed on the label
  • Look in your computer browser history on the day that you placed the order and the website you ordered from should appear there.

If you are still not able to contact the company with these steps then we suggest you contact your bank and report these as unauthorized charges and let them handle it.

If we are mistaken and you did indeed order from us, please email us a scanned copy of your bank or credit card statement to the email listed on our contact page where it shows you were charged by "Diet Dr" or "Easy Fit Labs" and we will look into it further.